Former Wu Lyf bassist Tom McClung is putting all of the negative energy associated with his former band's split to good use. You'll want to check out his newest single, under his stage name, Francis Lung. The guitar riff is something you could almost hear coming from Wu Lyf, but without the raspy vocals of Ellery James, former Wu Lyf frontman. If this tickles your fancy, I also have his single "Age Limits" after the jump.

A Selfish Man will be released on January 16 on Atelier Ciseaux

Here's a pretty little number for a snowy day. Up close mics on the acoustic create a cozy sound, similar to Benjamin Frances Leftwich, and the subtle trumpet lines make the overall track triumphant. Sean O'neill's 'Good Dream' is a nice relaxing spin for your busy day, with 'A Heavy Weight' equally as lovely. 

Here's another seductive slow jam from Dan Vidmar's project, Shy Girls. You might remember him from when we last wrote about his track 'Under Attack'. This is sultry bedroom-pop at it's finest. 'Still Not Falling' will be released on Shy Girls' debut EP Timeshare' on October 28th, mark your calendars.

Though big in Denmark, Asbjorn may be new to some of your ears. He's an odd mix of electro-pop, with a slightly dramatic edge. Listen closely as there are a lot of great layers in the tune 'Strange Ears.'

We featured San Mei back in January, and we were quite excited to hear whatever she was doing next. 'Brighter' is that song we were waiting for. The track relies upon a thudding rythm to drive the song and uses dreamy vocals to create a lovely bit of homemade pop.

Punk is dead. Rock is dead. Hip-hop is, well a strange beast. Regardless the genre, it's easy to argue that things have changed. And for those who cannot fathom accepting change, especially within the music world, I feel bad for all of the great artists you're missing out on.

Anyways, enough bullshitting. Michael Parallax is taking a modern-day spin on what was once known as folk-music. Check his latest two releases under his solo path (as opposed to saes), 'Growing  Splendid' and 'Grand.' At the risk of being lazy here, I'll let the titles do the heavy lifting of how I feel about these two. Gorgeous music paired with pensive lyrics.

Damn you Alt-J, paving the way for other bands to make their names so hard to type (yes, our title script won't allow ∆). And while we're at it, I'm looking at you too CHVRCHES. Anyways, give a spin to these new dudes from Oregon called W∆NR. Ladened with sharp synths, yet balanced with perfect falsettos, their tunes have some very clever structuring. If you want to be cheap, pair up Wildcat! Wildcat! with woodsy Vernon.

It's to no coincidence this track soundtracks a rainy day quite fittingly. You can hear it in the delicate piano melodies, and beautiful harmonies sung over the keys. And for those who can't, here's a direct passage about the tune from Patrick O'Laoghaire, the man behind I Have A Tribe and his track 'Monsoon.'

“‘Imagine you could stand in the rain and let it wash off everything you were worried about. That’s the idea behind it...Only dreamers walk in the rain.”

East Coast, meet the West Coast Jack White(s). Alright, that was a little cheap of a reference. And without looking, I'm quite positive every other blog has drawn White Stripe influences to this relatively newcomer group, Deap Vally. Regardless, you best give these two a shot cause damn do they rock. They've dropped an album called Sistrionix and have already played the great Jools Holland. What more could you want right now?

It's about time, Wolf Alice is set to release their debut EP Blush. Lucky for us, they're also releasing a single called, 'She' to announce the new album. It's a rocking tune, at least more so than 'Bros', more of something you would hear in the 90s, who am I to complain? Check it out below. Blush is set to release on October 7, you can pre-order now through Rough Trade.


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